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Centre for Construction and Engineering Technologies Building Automation Research Lab

George Brown College, Casa Loma Campus

Toronto, Ontario Canada


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Microsoft Imagine Cup 2012 Canadian Championship

Welcome to CCET-BAR, your industry connection in renewable energy and smart technologies. Under the direction of Mr. Leo Salemi, the Building Automation Lab provides the research infrastructure and technical expertise to help companies solve real-world challenges, innovate and leverage existing knowledge with identifiable and immediate practical outcomes.


Industry Connections

  • Product development and validation from proof of concept to commercialization

  • Incubator space with access to state of the art lab facilities and faculty expertise  

  • Prototype design, construction and testing (pilot scale to full size)

  • Real time monitoring and data logging with remote connectivity (databases, dashboards)

  • Business development and intelligence, grant applications and project management


Renewable Energy

  • Solar PV

  • Wind Turbines

  • Solar Heating Systems

  • Energy Storage Systems


Smart Technologies

  • Home and Building Automation

  • Energy Management Systems

  • Remote Monitoring and Control

  • Internet and Network Connected Systems

  • Data Logging, SCADA, PLC and PAC Systems

  • Sensor design and integration

If you want to learn more contact Professor Leo Salemi  via email at LsaLemi @



Building Automation





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