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Microsoft Imagine Cup Canadian Finalists 2012 - Team GREENi


The Microsoft Imagine Cup is the world’s premier student technology competition. Students use their imagination and passion to create a technology solution that addresses the Imagine Cup 2012 theme: Imagine a world where technology helps solve the toughest problems.

This year at the Microsoft Imagine Cup Canadian Finals in Waterloo Ontario, a group of students mentored by Leo Salemi from George Brown College presented their innovative solution to reduce the effects of greenhouse gas emissions by managing electrical consumption only when it’s needed.

Team GREENi provided a live demonstration of how the Microsoft Kinect sensor could be used to detect when people were in the zone and decide whether to turn the lights on and off or control the fan used to supply the amount of fresh air to the area. 

The team backed up their work by using actual consumption data collected from the research lab at George Brown to show how easy it was to reduce electrical consumption if the responsibility of energy conservation was shifted from the occupant to the intelligent sensors. "There are many buildings out there with energy conserving technology already in place" explained Granger, "but they are disparate and unaware of what each other is doing." Granger went on to explain that by putting the intelligence right into the sensors and using a cloud based storage platform like Microsoft Azure all the sensors could be made to work with a unified purpose of conserving energy consumption and ultimately reduce our carbon footprint on this planet..  

“A great idea isn't worth the paper it is written on unless we make it happen.” says Leo Salemi team mentor and long time faculty from the Centre for Construction and Engineering Technologies at George Brown College, “We can't turn  these ideas into reality without the support of  visionaries like Microsoft and forward thinking administrators and policy makers."

Team GREENi will now represent Canada at the worldwide Microsoft Imagine Cup Finals in Australia - wish them luck!



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Team GREENi  wishes to thank all those that helped make it happen!

Gladstone Grant, Susan Ibach and the Microsoft Developer Evangelists team for making it happen

Robert Luke, VP Research and Innovation; and Nancy Sherman Dean CCET from George Brown College 

Moutaz Sioufi and Philip Blundell, Graduate Interns working in the iCREST Lab

Jason Coggins, Ryan Johnson and Tobias Mielke, GBC 2012 Graduates and next generation innovators

Ramtin Attar and John King, Autodesk Canada for donating the sensored cubicles and inspiring the team to find a solution

And of course the Team GREENi presenters

Clips from the Imagine Cup Canada Finals - Waterloo U April 30, 2012


Alecsander Granger       Timur Sharaftinov 



Dmitry Zhivotovsky           Vasily Gurin

and team mentor

Professor Leo Salemi, George Brown College, Centre for Construction and Engineering Technologies



A great idea isn't worth the paper it's written on unless you make it happen - leo