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Ricardo Brown, Electromechanical Engineering Technician 2013

Ricardo Brown has recently completed his studies at George Brown College in theT146 Electromechanical Engineering Technician program. He was a member of the research and development team at George Brown. Mr. Brown was actively involved in the testing of new residential and commercial technologies for industry partners. For his final project, Mr. Brown was responsible for developing testing methods to compare a heat wave furnace to a standard electric furnace and validate the claims made by the manufacturer. He configured the standard electrical furnace to be using the same voltage, and have the same motor speed as the heat wave furnace; as well as, design the testing infrastructure. In addition he has a level 2 electrical installation certificate from Heart Trust NTA in Jamaica.

Brown spent summer of 2012 working as a welder where he had the opportunity to perform basic maintenance, troubleshooting and operations with welding robots. In addition, he spent three months in 2009 working as an electrical installation assistant at Grand Palladium Resort & Spa in Jamaica. During that time he repaired and maintained electrical circuitries and lightings, and replaced and installed pool pumps. He was awarded with a fulltime position for demonstration of flexibility and dedication for volunteering to stay beyond allotted time to assist in solving an air condition system problem in the H.R. department.

Brown is a resilient engineering technician who has excellent troubleshooting and installation skills and is an effective team player. When not in School, Brown enjoys playing soccer and networking.

Mr. Brown expects to graduate and receive his Engineering technician diploma from George Brown College in June of 2013. He will be continuing his education in September of 2013 at George Brown where he will be enrolling in the building automation program, at the end of which he expects to receive an advanced diploma and become an engineering technologist.  


Christopher James Cottle

Christopher was born in Toronto, Ontario. He went to Central Technical School located at Bloor and Bathurst. Initially attending Central Tech. for the art program Christopher changed his focus to computers, electronics and the sciences. In his Grade 12 year he participated in the team for the George Brown  Autonomous Maze Solving Robot competition. Christopher graduated with distinction from the Bachelor of Electrical Engineering program Carleton University located in Ottawa, Ontario.

He is about to complete the Electro-mechanical Technician program at George Brown College. His capstone project was for Camino Modular Systems Incorporated. Christopher contributed to the installation of the donated Camino flooring, the cubicle, and wiring. He prototyped the damper control scheme and built the first iteration of the fan based damper.
Christopher has applied for the Building Automation program at George Brown College in the Fall 2013 semester.

Jean-Yves Watts grew up in Toronto, Ontario completing high school at Central Technical School. He completed the Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program in electrical construction for grade 12. He worked in the TTC’s electrical department for the course coop program and was recruited for the summer. After working in the electrical department he decided to further his education and chose the Electro-Mechanical Engineering Technician Program at George Brown College. Having a background in electrical theory and hands on experience was good preparation for succeeding in the program. His knowledge was expanded by learning electronics, mechanical theory and practice, CAD, PLC systems, pneumatics, micro controllers, sustainable energy, and other important aspects of the engineering industry. During his second semester he began volunteering at the Building Automation Research Lab led by his professor Leo Salemi at George Brown. After volunteering for the second and third semester he was chosen to do his fourth semester final project at the research lab. Here he used his knowledge learned in class and applied it to leading a project researching the performance of a heat energy saving window coating by Etime Energy. He also worked on a project researching the performance of a DC electric furnace using Heatwave Technology by Dyna Current. He presented this project at the Ontario Centre of Excellence competition. Now having completed his 2 year diploma and achieving a GPA of 3.5, he plans to do a third year at George Brown in the Building Automation Program which is a continuation of the Electro-Mechanical program. He will continue to work at the research lab throughout the summer break. Jean-Yves’ dream is to create innovative technology that reduces negative impact on the environment in the area of building automation.


Kenneth Jose Gallegos Bustos

Kenneth was born and raised in Maracay, Venezuela. He obtained his highschool diploma from a small school named Dr. Gustavo H Machado. He studied English at a Barbados community college for a year. Afterwards he returned to Venezuela and enrolled into university. After completing 3 years of a 5 year Elbrother in a small ectronic Engineering program he left the school. He worked at the Mecantil Bank for 3 years and then moved on to partner with his business in Maturin City. Due to the escalating unrest in Venezuela he decided to immigrate to Canada in search of better opportunities.

On October 10, 2010 he landed in Toronto, Canada and attended an ESL school to polish his English. He took a few jobs: a waiter and collector agent for a credit card company. In November, 2

011 he enrolled in the Electro-mechanical engineering program at George Brown College. His course began in January in 2012 and will end in April, 2013. During this time he married Ana Mariela Dasilva who he previously met at university back in Venezuela.

In his last semester at the George Brown College he was given the opportunity to participate in research projects lead by Professor Leo Salemi, He volunteered and collaborated in the development of test hut for coated window testing along with Camino floor installation and cubicle structure development.

Professor Leo Salemi and Professor Andrew Stuart gave him also the opportunity to work in the development of a cooling bed that eventually after competition took part in the OCE presentations of April 2013.












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