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George Brown's Team GREEN i wins the Microsoft Imagine Cup Canadian Finals and will represent Canada in the worldwide finals in Australia July 6-10  >> more

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George Brown awarded Innovation Enhancement Grant for the Green Homes initiative which will focus on novel building retrofit materials and methods and "Smart" building automation, sensor and control system technology development. >> more

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Archetype Sustainable Energy House - Kortright Centre, Vaughan


Get more details about the  Archetype House here


Green Features

  • PhotoVoltaic cells for electrical power generation

  • Wind turbine for electrical power generation

  • Off Grid and Grid Tie System

  • Cogeneration systems for electrical power and hot water generation

  • Solar collector for hot water generation

  • Solar wall for supply of hot air to the zone

  • Ground Source Heat Pumps for space heating/cooling

  • Heat recovery of heat from exhaust air

  • Heat recovery from drain water source

  • Radiant floor

Construction Features

  • R2000, LEED for Homes and Energy Star Certifications

  • R20 basement walls were made with Durisol blocks

  • The roof of the house uses R40 Structurally Insulated Panels (SIPs)

  • House-A windows are double-glazed, Argon-filled, low-E (emmissivity) with fiberglass frames. And House-B windows are triple glazed, with the low-E coating on layers 2 and 4 with a third layer of glass in the middle of the window.

  • Advanced construction framing, 2" x 6" on 24" centers was used, which means the amount of wood used in framing needed was greatly reduced.

  • Cork and Bamboo flooring (No cork trees are cut down, only the bark is peeled without destroying the tree)

  • Low volatile organic compounds (V.O.C.) paints and solvents we used on this project.

  • Heatlok Soya Polyurethane 2-pound spray foam, Icycnene spray foam

  • Fire resistant batt-fibre insulation, mineral wool insulation, Blueskin exterior expoxy air barrier

Water Efficiency and Landscape Elements

  • Plumbing was installed by George Brown College and features low flow toilets and shower/tap fixtures, hand free fixtures and many other advanced features. 

  • Bioswales to remove silt and pollution from surface runoff water. Planting of native plants and species which are drought tolerant (Xerascaping).

  • Permeable pavement which will allow more water absorption into the ground below through paved areas like the drive way. “French drains” were built around both houses to further capture rainwater.

  • Rainwater from the roof is filtered and captured in storage tanks which hold up to 10,000 litres and is used for gardening and toilet flushing.





Architectural Drawings

Building Blocks/0605-A2.1-ground-23oct07.pdf

Building Blocks/0605-A2.2-second-23oct07.pdf

Building Blocks/0605-A2.3-third-23oct07.pdf

Building Blocks/0605-A2.4-roof-23oct07.pdf

Building Blocks/0605-A2.5-plan-dets-23oct07.pdf

Building Blocks/0605-A2.6-plan-dets-23oct07.pdf

Building Blocks/0605-A2.7-plan-dets-23oct07.pdf

Building Blocks/0605-A3.1-ext-elev-23oct07.pdf

Building Blocks/0605-A3.2-ext-elev-23oct07.pdf

Building Blocks/0605-A3.3-ext-elev-23oct07.pdf

Building Blocks/0605-A3.4-ext-elev-23oct07.pdf

Building Blocks/0605-A4.1-full-sect-A-23oct07.pdf

Building Blocks/0605-A4.2-full-sect-B-23oct07.pdf

Building Blocks/0605-A4.3-full-sect-23oct07.pdf

Building Blocks/0605-A4.4-full-sect-23oct07.pdf

Building Blocks/0605-A5.1-wall-sect-23oct07.pdf

Building Blocks/0605-A5.2-wall-sect-23oct07.pdf

Building Blocks/0605-A6.1-wall-dets-23oct07.pdf

Building Blocks/0605-A6.2-wall-dets-23oct07.pdf

Building Blocks/0605-A6.3-wall-dets-23oct07.pdf

Building Blocks/0605-A6.4-wall-dets-23oct07.pdf

Building Blocks/0605-A6.5-wall-dets-23oct07.pdf


Building Blocks/S1-23oct07.pdf

Building Blocks/S2-23oct07.pdf

Building Blocks/S3-23oct07.pdf

Building Blocks/S4-23oct07.pdf

Building Blocks/S5-23oct07.pdf

Building Blocks/S6-23oct07.pdf

Building Blocks/S7-23oct07.pdf

Building Blocks/S8-23oct07.pdf

Building Blocks/S9-23oct07.pdf

Building Blocks/S10-23oct07.pdf


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