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Intelligent Building Automation Systems

Sept. 2011 - May 2013


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Reliable Control eModules

Building Automation Systems (BAS) have made tremendous strides in recent years toward embracing connectivity and interoperability standards. These efforts have given building owners more freedom to choose among manufacturers for both products and service support. Even greater benefits await an organization whose BAS is seamlessly merged with its information technology architecture. The synergy created by sharing infrastructure and data reduces operating costs and creates new service opportunities. 

Now that more diverse technologies and methods are available to operate and maintain building systems, the ability to have a fully web-enabled system that bridges the gap between the controls and IT infrastructure within an enterprise will deliver information-rich data-based applications that are transportable between standard hardware and software platforms.

This elevated level of integration opens new avenues that were not technically or economically feasible in the past where information is compiled and interpreted at the BAS, travels across the IT network backbone, is sent by the enterprise server across the Internet, and delivered via the cell phone network.

The objective of this project is to build a pilot scale Building Automation System (BAS) prototype which will be located in C505. The BAS prototype will utilize a state-of-the-art Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) control system donated by Reliable Controls, a Canadian based company specializing in the design and manufacture of Internet-connected building controls and green BACnet building automation systems.

The system will be used to demonstrate how the main components of a HVAC system work; how they are inter-connected and programmed; and, how they are integrated over a web-based network. This prototype will serve as a template for anyone wishing to build an educational version of the HVAC trainer.

The working prototype will be used to research and develop other BAS related sensors and components; train technicians, operators and students in networking basics; and to learn how an HVAC system can be integrated with other Smart-Connected technologies. 



Research Goals

  • Construct a Building Control Training Station

  • Integrate LED Lighting  to the BAS

  • Develop intelligent sensors to monitor occupancy, light levels, temperature, humidity

  • Integrate all devices over the network for remote site control

  • Develop ModBus interface for lighting controls

  • Develop tablet based apps

  • Design Energy Dashboard

  • Intelligent Building Integration over BACNet/IP



in collaboration with 

Reliable Controls

Tom Zaban

Robin Smith

Bryan Bugslag

Gary Knowles

 Setpoint Building Automation

Jim Bowie, VP

Brian Li, GBC Grad-2011



GBC Team 

2012/13 Course Credit Students

Jorge Simoes
Shane Carney
Sanjay Kumar Patel
Ivan Sut
Brendan Medina
Christopher Cottle  
Kenneth Gallegos
Jean-Yves Watts
Ricardo Brown
Macaulay Hicks


GBC C505 Lab

Moutaz Sioufi

Phil Blundell

Supervisor Prof. Leo Salemi


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